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meeye® foot peel mask

meeye® foot peel mask

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say goodbye to dry and dead skin on your feet! remove callus, cracked heels and rough skin in a natural and gentle way with meeyee foot peel mask. no pain but amazing results!

the foot peel masks are easy to use and powerfully remove dead skin cells to reveal new and soft skin that lets your feet have a baby soft touch once again. no chemical and expensive treatment necessary.

why you'll love it?

  • aloe vera, olive oil and peach components softly nourish while dead skin is effectively peeled off. the formula promotes skin renewal and cell production to achieve a soft and supple feeling on your feet.
  • the foot peel mask components are extracted from natural plants which are rich in a-hydroxy acids to penetrate the dead skin and break it down from within. gradually dead skin is removed and new skin revealed.
  • within only 1-2 weeks your skin will be completely renewed. 
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