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k18 professional hair mist (150ml)

k18 professional hair mist (150ml)

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made to be used as part of the k18 molecular repair service (k18 pro mist + k18 pro mask) this leave-in, lightweight mist repairs existing damage to strengthen hair’s defenses and make it more resilient prior to salon services.

this pro-exclusive product helps services apply and perform better, leaves hair healthier, and color lasts longer. works in just 4 minutes in a convenient spray-on format.

why you'll love it?

  • fortifies hair pre-service to restore up to 99% elasticity*
  • improves hair’s resilience to prevent damage during and after services* for stronger hair over time*
  • color lasts longer + fades slower* when paired with k18 mask usage at home
  • ph level 7.5-8.0 makes the treatment more efficient by swelling the hair’s cuticle, allowing the k18peptide™ to better access the core
  • made without emollients, the pro mist won’t interfere with chemical and color services
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